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Nail Art 101 Lesson#5- All That Glitters

Hello, lovelies!

After the Christmas parenthesis of my previous post, it’s time to get back on track with our lessons. Today’s topic is: All That Glitters!

I’ll be covering different ways in which you can add glitter and sparkly things on your nails. In particular by using:


-Glitter and Foils

-Top Coats and Holographic Polishes

Continue reading “Nail Art 101 Lesson#5- All That Glitters”

12 Nail Designs and a Pear Tree

Rome, Via del Corso.

Hi, lovelies!

Can you believe it? I can already feel that icy wind that tickles the nose on a December sunny morning. And it is not yet Thanksgiving!

I had such strong an impression that Christmas was approaching faster than usual this year that I decided to write a post about Christmas Nail Designs. Continue reading “12 Nail Designs and a Pear Tree”

Nail Art 101 Lesson #4- Nail Care

Hello, lovelies and welcome to our fourth lesson!

Today’s subject is one of my favorite: Nail Care!

Nail Care covers a number of topics: from how to grow strong nails to how to apply nail polish. Like usual, though, I will just try to cover the basics as well as I can. Continue reading “Nail Art 101 Lesson #4- Nail Care”

Nail Art 101- Lesson #3: French Tips and Tricks

Hi, lovelies, and welcome to the third lesson of Nail Art 101!

Today we’re going to talk about the different types of French Manicures and how to make a perfect French. Continue reading “Nail Art 101- Lesson #3: French Tips and Tricks”

Nail Art 101 Lesson #2- Striping Tape

click on the image for the source

Hello, lovelies!

Striping Tape is one of the first Nail Art tools I’ve ever purchased. I got mine from an UK retailer and I still remember the excitement of opening a pack that came directly from Great Britain.

Striping tape is just today’s topic and you will soon find out that these colorful stripes can serve a variety of different and creative purposes.

Continue reading “Nail Art 101 Lesson #2- Striping Tape”

Nail Art 101 Lesson #1- Gradients

Original photo and art at

Hi girls, I’m so happy to open our lesson by introducing a technique that I adore: Gradients!

In this post, I’ll be talking about what gradient nails are and how you can learn the perfect technique to easily do great gradients. Continue reading “Nail Art 101 Lesson #1- Gradients”

Welcome to Nail Art 101!

Created with

Dear students, Welcome to my newest project: Nail Art 101!

Please, take a seat and and make yourself comfortable as I take the presences:

Nail polish?



Desire to have fun?

Have you got everything? Well, that’s absolutely GREAT! Because it means that we can finally get this big project started!

Nail Art 101 is the name that I gave to a short series of 10 posts, in which I’ll introduce some of the most common and useful techniques and tricks to start off with nail art or refine your skills if you already are a nail polish addicted.

Nail Art 101 is open to any kind of request or question: if you want to see a specific technique or want me to explain a given topic, I’ll be accepting all of your requests until lesson #10 is published. So speak your mind and engage in class participation!

Are you ready? Then go check Lesson #1- Gradients, because Nail Art 101 STARTS NOW!

Babylonian Warriors and Car Lacquer: Where Did Nail Polish Come From?

Few know that coloring one’s nails is one of the most ancient fashions in history, so why not making a blog post out of it? Keep reading to discover about the history of nail polish! Continue reading “Babylonian Warriors and Car Lacquer: Where Did Nail Polish Come From?”

Super Quick “Finally October” Black Nails


My internet is literally exploding with photos of pumpkins and ghost puns and I thought I should do something to join this Halloween Frenzy because, hey: it’s finally October!

This manicure is quick and incredibly easy. The best part? You get to use black polish! Continue reading “Super Quick “Finally October” Black Nails”

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