My internet is literally exploding with photos of pumpkins and ghost puns and I thought I should do something to join this Halloween Frenzy because, hey: it’s finally October!

This manicure is quick and incredibly easy. The best part? You get to use black polish!

For this design you will need:

-base and top coat polishes

-dark grey, grey, and white polishes for the accent fingers

-black polish (!!!!!)

-black and diamond rhinestones

Start off with a generous coat of base coat and then apply the black polish on all your nails. If you like that pitch black texture just as much as I do, because your soul is dark too, then apply two coats of black polish. Don’t you know that black is the new black?

Now, being very careful not to cover all of the black color underneath, start applying the dark grey so that you can still see a black border beneath it. Do the same with the lighter grey.

This effect is similar to that of a ruffian mani, with the exception that you are adding multiple coats of different polishes, not just one. Actually, the effect it’s halfway between ombre nail art, gradient, and ruffian nail art. I am sure I am not the first one to try this kind of nail art and so I am equally sure that there is a name for it, which I don’t know though. If I ever find it, be sure that I’ll make a blog post for it.


Now that you have this beautiful grey-over-grey-over-black effect on your accent fingers, apply the last color, white. Decorate the other nails with a black and a white diamond. You can also leave them without crystals, but I’m sure your nails will be much happier if they can sparkle all around and have their own black diamonds. And you wouldn’t want to make your nails unhappy now, would you?

At this point, the only thing you need to do is applying two generous coats of glossy top coat or sparkly top coat (because glitter is never enough).

I am not sure how these nails can be related to the Halloween Frenzy, but they kind of remind me of ghosts, plus the color is dark (we used black!!) and the grey adds some gloomy effect to the design.

What I know for a fact, though, is that this manicure is definite simple, so go on and try it!