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Hello, lovelies!

Striping Tape is one of the first Nail Art tools I’ve ever purchased. I got mine from an UK retailer and I still remember the excitement of opening a pack that came directly from Great Britain.

Striping tape is just today’s topic and you will soon find out that these colorful stripes can serve a variety of different and creative purposes.


Striping tape is usually very cheap and can be used either as guide or as decoration. For example, you can use it to create stencil like effects like this:


The pattern on the ring finger was created by placing striping tape on the nail, covering it with nail polish and then removing the tape before the polish dried.


These designs on the other hand are examples of striping tape used as decoration:




Whether you are using striping tape as decoration or as stencil though, it is important to keep in mind that the tape can be very tricky: you need a steady hand and a lot of patience. Also do not maneuver the tape with your hands! It will glue onto your fingers and on itself!

Remember to always use a pair of scissors to cut the tape and have a pair of tweezers at hand in order to place and move the strings on your nails.

With a little bit of practice (and some extra patience), you can create any design! Once again, amazing The Nailasaurus can teach us so much about using this technique:

Original photo and art


With a little practice you will become as quick and steady-handed as her and able to create amazing and complicate designs. But, as always, I suggest you start from the basics.

Striping tape is cheap and easy to find, so order some online or buy it from your favorite nail art products retailer and practice designs on a piece of paper or on fake nails. You will find that this is the best way to learn how to cope with striping tape’s tendency to stick on everything that is not your nails.

The secret for a good striping tape manicure is to have a steady hand and work quickly. Whether you are using the tape as a decoration or as a stencil guide, if you happen to misplace it on your nail and want to move it around you have to do so before the polish or the tape’s glue dries.

Therefore, keep practicing, but don’t forget to have fun doing so! I’ll see you all on Lesson #3 – French!