Hi, lovelies, and welcome to the third lesson of Nail Art 101!

Today we’re going to talk about the different types of French Manicures and how to make a perfect French.

French Manicure is probably the most well known nail art technique around. The union of a classic pink base and white lunettes can give your nails a natural and delicate look. On the other hand, more creative french manicures can communicate playfulness and fun.


These “dripping chocolate nails” I did a couple years ago for example are a combination of traditional French (pinkish base) and unconventional French (brown tip+ sprinkles+ dripping effect).

When you’re doing French, it is important to now what is “base” (the pink, alive part of your natural nails) and what is “tip” (the white, dead part of your natural nails), because you will paint them with different colors.

As I said, the classic color choice is pink for the base and white for the tips. But, of course, you can choose others. The hard part of French is to paint a good tip shape: you need to follow the natural shape of your nail tips and cover their yellowish color with white. Here are some techniques:

Using a Nail French Guide: I’ve seen them referred to with a variety of names, ranging from French Tape to Tips. I’m talking about these:

You apply them on your nail plate and use them as a guide to put the white polish on your tips. Like in this image:

Using Paper Hole Reinforcements: The process is analogous to that of using French Tip Guides.


French Manicure

-Using Tape: Once again, the process is the same: you just use the tape as a guide and paint over it.

-Drawing your Tips Freehand. This is the technique I use for all of my French Manicures. I don’t have enough patience to apply tip guides on all my nails so I prefer to use a thin brush to work freehand and create the lunette shape typical of French Manicures.

Some people also use to use a sponge to make a white French gradient on their nails. The effect is very pretty:

Remember that there are so many methods because French is an extremely versatile technique. You can do Reverse French, Ruffian Manicure, Irregular French, Double French… Start experimenting and you’ll find that the ideas you can come up with are basically endless.

This is a gallery of my favorite French Nails Designs. Some of them I did some years ago while others are more recent, but you’ll see that they are all very different. As I said, French it’s extremely versatile!








Finally, here’s a super helpful video to teach you 10 different ways to do Nail French.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you at Lesson #4: Nail Care!