Hello, lovelies and welcome to our fourth lesson!

Today’s subject is one of my favorite: Nail Care!

Nail Care covers a number of topics: from how to grow strong nails to how to apply nail polish. Like usual, though, I will just try to cover the basics as well as I can.

Nail Care is the act of taking care of and nourishing your nails. Everybody wants to have strong, healthy nails that won’t chip, some of us even prefer our nails long, which can be difficult to achieve because long nails tend to break more easily. So, how do you grow strong nails?

The simplest answer is: avoid water!

Chipped Nail Polish - Water Absorption 2

Your nails are like ten little sponges: they absorb water from both sides and within 10-15 minutes of water exposure, water molecules have already infiltrated through all the layers of your nail plate. The result is that your polish, if you are wearing any, starts shipping off and your nails start peeling, the layers separate, the nails become weaker and weaker until they eventually break.

Now, I know it’s hard to avoid water since we’re supposed to always wash our hands and we’ve chores to do too. So, since we can’t do without getting our nails wet, the solution is to strengthen them by using nail oil and protect them with at least 5 coats of polish! (two base coats, two colored coats, one top coat)

Nail oil is not expansive, you can buy nail oil pens and then bottles to refill them for just a few dollars. Other products you may want to use to keep your nails strong are Jojoba oil, hand creams, and cuticle creams and oils. Remember that you don’t need expansive products to achieve good results! What really makes a difference is your perseverance: be scrupulous and apply oil everyday, more than once a day.

Once your nails have been nourished and hydrated, here’s a few tips to keep them healthy and keep your polish from chipping off:

  • Always, always, always use a base coat! Do not substitute base coats with top coats just because “they’re both transparent, no one will notice.” Well, your nails will! Base coats are designed to adhere to your nail plate and top coats are designed to adhere to nail polish. That’s one big difference! Base coats won’t work as top coats and vice versa, so avoid those products that say “all in one: top and base coat.” They are lying to you!
  • Do not stress your nails. Don’t use your nails to open lids, scrap stamps, loosen a bolt etc. Use actual tools to do that and your nails will be thankful and not break.
  • One coat of polish a day keeps chipping (and breaking) away! I know it takes patience, but to apply one new coat of top coat polish on your manicure every day will actually make it last longer. Even top coat starts to peel off after a while, leaving your manicure bare, but you won’t notice it because it’s transparent. So applying new coats is a good practice to protect your nails and that manicure you spent so much time on.
  • Yellow nails are not the end of the world! White nails are just so pretty, I know, but don’t spend money on whitening products to try and turn them white: most of the time those products are not effective and might even damage your nail plate. Having yellow nails simply means that you use a lot of nail polish, it doesn’t imply that your nails are not healthy. Healthiness does not come from nail color: don’t trust people who tell you that your nails need “to breathe.” Watch this video by the amazing SimplyNailogical to learn more about it.
  • When you’re using a nail file, always file in the same direction! Do not go left to right and then right to left: choose a direction and stick with it. Changing direction is very stressful for your nails: brusque movements will only weaken them.
  • Do not cut your cuticles! My God, why would you do that? Cuticles are useful! They are there for a reason: they protect your nails! Do not cut them, because this could lead to infections. Just push them back with a wooden or metal cuticle pusher.
  • Avoid nail strengtheners. Nails need to be flexible and elastic, otherwise they will break as soon as you smack or even tap them into something. Use nail oil to keep them healthy instead!

I could probably go on and on about this topic, but I’ll leave it here for now. Here’s two great links that you can check if you want to know more about nail care:

Nail Care may seem complicate, but it’s actually fairly simple. You just need to remember two things: nourish your nails and use nail polish! Just drop me a message if you have questions about this topic,

I’ll see you all for lesson #5: All That Glitters!