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Hi, lovelies!

Can you believe it? I can already feel that icy wind that tickles the nose on a December sunny morning. And it is not yet Thanksgiving!

I had such strong an impression that Christmas was approaching faster than usual this year that I decided to write a post about Christmas Nail Designs.Enjoy the first of my Christmas posts: 12 easy Christmas Nail Designs (and a pear tree) I created myself. And since Christmas is a month from now, you’ll have plenty of time to choose the design you like the most and practice!


1- Plaid Nail Art! I love this manicure, and it’s super simple. Grey base, white polish stripes and then red, silver and black striping tape. Be careful when you place the tape on your nails!


2- Candy Canes and Gingerbread Men! For this mani, you have to work freehand. Use guides to draw the white stripes if you need and use a dotting tool for the gingerbread men.


3- Golden Stripes! Another super simple design. Draw the green and red stripes first, then apply gold tape and gold dots. Seal everything with a sparkly top coat.


4- Dragged Candy Cane and Mistletoe! I apologize for the terrible quality of the image. Work freehand for the Mistletoe, then draw the red and white stripes on the tip of your nail. While the polish is still wet, use a toothpick and drag one color over the other.


5- Sparkly Stars! For this mani I used a stencil, but you can also draw the stars freehand. Apply as much glitter top coat as you want: stars love to shine!


6- Christmas Pudding! Use a dark brown base for the dough, then recreate the frost with white polish. Draw the Mistletoe and don’t forget to protect your Pudding with top coat!


7- Winter Frost! Sponge white polish on your nails to create a sponged french. Draw some silver stars and apply blue dots.


8- Blue Snow Flakes! Because I love blue. Especially this dark, glossy blue. This manicure is incredibly easy, the only thing you need to draw freehand is the silver snow flake. Once again, though, be careful when you apply the striping tape.


9- Gingerbread Man! Am I the only one who thought that this little fellow deserved a photo of its own? Sure, it’s completely hand drawn, but isn’t it cute?


10- When You Wish Upon A Star! Because everybody loves Disney. Choose the two colors you like the most for this accent manicure, draw a pretty star on your ring finger and place some dots on the others.


11- Santa’s French! Red glitter + white dots= Santa Claus French Manicure.


12- Snow Queen’s Trees! Once again a freehand mani, but you’ll find that drawing the trees is not really hard and you can add the dots with the help of a dotting tool. Optional: add a sparkly top coat to let the frost shine.

As for the pear tree… Wouldn’t you like a Christmas tree better?


I thought so.