Hello, lovelies!

After the Christmas parenthesis of my previous post, it’s time to get back on track with our lessons. Today’s topic is: All That Glitters!

I’ll be covering different ways in which you can add glitter and sparkly things on your nails. In particular by using:


-Glitter and Foils

-Top Coats and Holographic Polishes

As you probably have noticed, I am positively glitter obsessed. My nails just have to sparkle, but my lust for glitter does not end with nails. I am known for shedding glitter everywhere: postcards, notebooks, jewels, photos, clothes… However, today I’ll restrict myself to nail art related products only.


Putting rhinestones on your nails is the easiest thing you can do to add sparkles: just a few diamonds are enough to turn any boring nail art into a sparkly masterpiece!

Some people will tell you that you need nail glue to apply crystals on your nails. Do NOT listen to them! You just need clear polish (even top or base coats might do, but they dry faster).

Rhinestones usually come in nice wheels, separated by color and dimensions, but you can also purchase them in packets. Fancy diamonds can be expansive, but remember that you don’t need to buy Swarovski Crystals to make your nails shine!



Now, glitter can come in a variety of forms but, usually, what affects the result the most is the dimension of glitters. Small glitters (.008”) can be applied with a sponge to create the same sparkly effect of a glitter top coat.

Large glitters (.04”, .06”, .08” and more) are good for creating patterns and designs with glitter placements. Glitter placements take forever because, as the name says, you have to put those glitters on your nails one by one. But the result is usually worth the effort. If you want to know more about this technique wait for my next post that will be devoted only to glitter placement.


Honestly, I haven’t used foils yet, but I will soon since I have bought a roll of silver foil just yesterday. They come in rolls and you apply them on your nails by using clear nail polish as base. It works a little like transfer sheets, only waaaay more sparkly.

-Top Coats:



Since I am a sucker for Essence polishes, I am going to talk about their amazing Special Effect Top Coats because, even if Essence can’t make one good base coat (see here), they make dozens of great (and sparkly) top coats.

Essence sells shimmer top coats, flakes top coats, and top coats with large glitters, all in a variety of different colors and textures. Of course, Essence is not the only brand that sells good sparkly top coats (and probably not even the best one), but it’s definitely the one I like the most among the ones I’ve tried, so I guess I am a bit biased in this.

-Holographic Polishes:

And, finally, the very essence of glitter: Glitter Holographic polishes, aka “how to put sparkly rainbows on your nails.”

The best thing about Holographic polishes is that they already come with the magic: all you have to do is put them on your nails like a regular nail polish and then avoid being blinded by the massive amount of glitter. I’d recommend to put at least two coats of polish to maximize the glittery effect. If you do, then be sure of wearing sunglasses.

Personally, I recently fell in love with holographic polishes and want to buy some more. I mean, look at all the sparkling magic!

And that’s it! I’ll see you next week with lesson#6: Glitter, Placements, and Cursing Words.