Hello, fellow nail polish adventurers!

I am your host, Arianna, 19, from John Cabot University.

Can you remember the first time you learnt about Nail Art?

I do. It was a sunny October day of five years ago. I was just 14 and thought that the only nice thing that YouTube provided were scrap-booking videos. I quickly changed my mind after discovering some Nail Art channels. Since then, I became nail polish obsessed and got lost in the amazing world of Nail Art.

If you love nail polish too and are passionate about Nail Art, or if you are discovering this creative world just now, this blog is here to help you.

Each week, I will post my adventures with nail polish and Nail Art: purchases, product reviews, tutorials, mini lessons about Nail Art techniques and terminology, and funny facts about nail polish and Nail Art.

Why? Because I believe that Nail Art is a healthy and wonderful hobby that everyone can learn. Painting your nails is relaxing and a great outlet for all your bottled up creativity.

My hope is that, by reading this blog, you too will find a good pastime in Nail Art, maybe learn one trick or two, and find new ideas to express your creativity.

Have fun on my blog and keep being creative!

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