This Portfolio is a compendium of the three written assignments required for the completion of the course Writing Across the Media (COM 221) that I have taken this semester at John Cabot University.

Our writing activities focused on learning the different skills and formats required by different media professions and productions. The first topic covered in the course was blogging and we were asked to create a blog on a topic we could talk about with passion and expertise. I decided to create because of my passion for nail art, drawing, and imagination in general. Also my other three projects highlight my interest for creative work.

The first assignment was to produce a Press Kit to promote a media event. I chose to address my Press Kit to the Italian Disney comic publication Topolino to promote Tuomas Holopainen’s album Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The second assignment was to write and illustrate a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for a social problem we felt connected to. I chose to focus on the issue of adoption and imagined the way foster parents can “color up” the life an orphan child. For the third and final assignment we were asked to produce a media script and were offered the possibility to choose the medium we wanted the script to be for. I’ve always loved comics and writing, so I created a comic version of a story about war and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that I had written some months before.

Below, you will find the log-line, treatment, and PDF file for each of the assignments.

Press Kit

Disney and Nightwish Team up- New Adventures Coming at Romics

This Press Kit was meant to be sent to the News Manager Editor of the Italian Disney comic Topolino to promote the release of Nightwish’s keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen’s Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The release of his album would be promoted by Tuomas’ live performance at Romics (Rome’s most important comics event). The Press Kit emphasizes the value of Tuomas’ album for the Disney Fans’ community, as it was inspired by a graphic novel written by cartoonist Don Rosa about Scrooge McDuck’s adventurous life. It also highlights the importance of the album for Nightwish’ fans, since it is the first solo album of Tuomas, Nightwish’s keyboardist. For this reason, the Press Kit comprehends a detailed biographic section about Tuomas’ status as Disney fan and music icon. More information about the whereabouts and execution of the event are contained in the press release.

Public Service Announcement: Loneliness Takes Their Colors Away

Loneliness Takes Their Colors Away

An orphan child lives in a colorless world. As soon as the adoptive parents become her family, her life is enriched with colors again.

Shot in black and white film, a little girl is drawing a picture of a happy family. She wants to color her drawing but she only has grey crayons. She is frustrated and stops drawing. Suddenly, a door opens and a couple, a Caucasian woman and an Asian man, enter the room. The couple is colorized. They approach the child and offer her one colored crayon each. The little girl smiles and takes the crayons. Suddenly everything is colorized. The man ruffles the girl’s hair while the woman hugs her. The sign “Loneliness takes their colors away. Adopt a child” appears.

Comics Script: “Promise”


Sam in the only inhabitant left of a ghost town. She has a conversation with the ghost of her lost friend and reflects about her past, how everybody in town left, and whether it is time for her to leave as well.

Sam was just a child when a war broke out and the town she lived in started to be bombed. As the months passed, more and more people emigrated and left the town via train. The train had to pass through a tunnel and, being afraid of the dark, Sam was never able to leave. When her parents and brother die too, she and her friend Nate are the only ones not to leave the city. Nate’s dream is to rebuild it and, even if reluctantly, Sam decides to stay and help him. She makes him promise solemnly to never leave her side. Many years pass and they start a relationship but, while Nate is repairing a roof, an unexploded ordnance detonates and Nate dies. Sam is alone now and wants to leave the city. Since she is afraid of crossing the tunnel alone, she decides to leave by killing herself. When she is about to, though, she hears Nate’s voice telling her he would never leave her side and she decides to live and keep rebuilding the city.